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The aim of teacher collaborative program is to align our teachers with the aim of the school which is to nurture students as ethical learners, becoming competent professionals who can learn and work in a collaborative environment.

Duration of the program: 6 Weeks- Full Time

Programme Duration Description
Introduction to PBL 2 Weeks Full time At the end of the 14 day workshop, participants will have the broad overview of the Project based leaning concepts, its applications and assessments. The participants at the end of the session, will have to submit, team based projects on topics revolving around PBL
Collaborative learning and critical thinking 2 Weeks Full time This practical based workshop will help the participants learn about creating instances and environments for the students to engage in collaborative learning and critical thinking areas
Digital Education and technology based learning 2 Weeks Full time Use of technology as a medium of instruction and in educational research would be the key highlights of this program. At the end of the workshop participants will have a broad knowledge of the various educational tools its usage, merits and limitations for the students.

Our Teachers are more of facilitators who help our children find answers to the questions, solutions to the problems faced on a continuous basis. Every teacher is willing to collaborate with the students at various levels with compassion and a sense of approachability. A student best learns and exhibits its talents when he/she feels important, which is what we believe and practice to make our children feel special of their skills and talents.

Our teachers are the role models to our students who encourage and inspire them to achieve greatness in every activity and task they undertake. They are an experienced lot of qualified staff with a global mindset and passionate towards their profession and especially towards the children.

Every teacher undergoes 120 hours of training and skill enhancement programs on classroom management, advancement and new technologies, adopting unique academic practices to provide an excellent learning experience to the children as well to the parents.

Every staff is screened, assessed, and recruited through an intensive selection process to ensure validity of their qualification, expertise and experience.

We are committed to build a sustainable and progressive education model for our children which will redefine the academic practices adopted in today’s modern world and provide a comprehensive and strong academic foundation to the learners in and outside the school boundaries.